Jovan X. Caraballo Memorial Scholarship


Jovan X. Caraballo

 Latin American Motorcycle Association (LAMA.) is a family oriented organization that was founded in 1977 in Chicago’s notorious Humboldt Park neighborhood. LAMA was intended as a touring club with democratic ideals.  In 1999 LAMA became an international association with chapters in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba, and the USA. Recently chapters have been added in Uruguay, Venezuela and Australia.

The Latin American Motorcycle Association is a humanist association that does not distinguish between race, color, nationality, ethnic origins, religion, gender, age, social class, and motorcycle brands, etc. LAMA members share a passion for motorcycles that unites us in brotherhood of democratic ideals. LAMA is a non-profit organization.

Our Scholarship is in memory of Jovan X. Caraballo, LAMA Poconos’ very first LAMA Youth Member.  Jovan was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma January 6th, 2013 when doctors discovered a malignant tumor in his left femur bone. He underwent chemotherapy from February thru October of that year.  Jovan went thru numerous procedures and major surgery.  On April 24, 2013, Jovan had his entire left femur ressected, along with his knee and a portion of the bone under his knee. He spent 6 weeks at a rehab center where he had to relearn basic motor skills like the ones you teach a toddler, how to stand, how to walk, how to put on his socks and sneakers. Things you do daily without even thinking about it he had to relearn.  In October 2013 Jovan beat cancer, or so we thought.   In February 2014, he relapsed and battled cancer once more.  Jovan was the youngest of 3 children; he was 15 years old.  Jovan was very fortunate and had a strong circle of family and friends who are now known as TEAM JOVI

Jovan lost his battle January 24, 2015.  But lives in the hearts of Lama Members worldwide.


Jovi "IRONMAN" Caraballo - Lama Poconos First Lama Youth Member



Scholarship Requirements

 It is our goal to continue to work for and with the community. For this reason, our Poconos Chapter has established this scholarship to acknowledge and assist the students in our community with their future goals.

Scholarship Amount: $1,000.00

Who can apply?

**Note - Lama Poconos' Family Members are not allowed to apply for the scholarship**

Any student from The Monroe County Area High Schools, who has intentions on attending a 2 year or 4-year higher education institution
(acceptance letter from institution will be required to receive funds).

Disbursement:  Funds will be made out to the Student directly

Deadline:   For Receipt of Applications April 15, 2020

LAMA Poconos Requirements: 

 Attend a LAMA Poconos Chapter Meeting to read the winning essay and meet the members.

Attend a LAMA Poconos event in 2020 for recognition and update.

**Required with application:**

Two letters of recommendation from community members or school officials.
Verification letter from Guidance Department of graduating status.
Application for LAMA Poconos Annual Jovan X. Caraballo Memorial Scholarship

See Your Guidance Counselor for the application


*Contact our Lama Secretary Alby Acevedo for the application at

Type and Attach a 500 Word essay (12 font double spaced)

Topic:  **LAMA is an organization that values community service and promotes respect and trust.  What are your accomplishments in community service? Describe how your college education will help enhance your community service.**

Mail application, essay, and recommendation and verification letters to:

LAMA Poconos Chapter
Attn: Mrs. Adriana Viruet, Scholarship Chair
PO Box 844
Mt. Poconos, PA 18344

(Must be received by April 15, 2020)


LAMA Poconos 2019 Scholarship Recipient

 Logan Mackes is 2019's winner of the

 Jovan X. Caraballo Memorial Scholarship! 

At our June meeting, he was presented with the $1000 check together with his mother, and he read his winning essay in front of the entire chapter.  Logan also received a ROTC scholarship to Penn State.  Congratulations to Logan!  

In the pictures: Logan Mackes - Winner, Danny Alicea, Lama Poconos President, Freddy Reyes, Lama Ponocos BM, Adriana Viruet, Lama Poconos Scholarship Chairperson, Michelle Melendez, Sgt at Arms and  Alby Acevedo, Jovi's Mom


LAMA Poconos 2018 Scholarship Recipient

 Raelyn Lares is the winner of 

2018 Jovan X. Caraballo Memorial Scholarship! 

She was presented with the $1000 check at her Senior Awards presentation at East Stroudsburg High School South.  Realyn and her family also came out to our Memorial Day BIke NIght and read her winning essay.  Congratulations to Raelyn!!  

In the pictures: Raelyn Lares - Winner, Danny Alicea, Lama Poconos President, Freddy Reyes, Lama Ponocos BM, Anthony Crespo, Sgt at Arms, Adriana Viruet, Lama Poconos Scholarship Chairperson and Sammi Latorre, Lama Poconos Scholarship Co-Chair.


LAMA Poconos 2017 Scholarship Recipient

 Christopher Vo is the winner of 2017 Jovan X. Caraballo Memorial Scholarship! At our monthly meeting this past Sunday, May 28th, he read his very impressive essay regarding his extracurricular activities at his High School where he made a positivie impact in the community.  Pictured here at our Memorial Day Bike Night he received his $2000 Scholarship Check.  Congratulations to Chris!!!

In the pictures:  Christopher Vo and his family, Danny Alicea, Lama Poconos President, Angelo Melendez, Lama Poconos VP, Freddy Reyes, Lama Ponocos BM, and Antonio Mejias our Newsletter Editor.


LAMA Poconos 2016 Scholarship Recipient

 Alondra is the Recipient of the Jovan X. Caraballo Scholarship for 2016.  Alondra and her Mom attended the Chapter's Membership meeting on Sunday, June 19, 2016 whereby Alondra read her winning essay, and received her $2,000.00 scholarship check.  Alondra will be attending Lehigh University in September where she will major in pre-med.  The chapter awards a $2,000.00 scholarship every year to a graduating High School student in Monroe County.  Thank you to the American Legion Post 927 and the Sons of the American Legion Post 927 who made this possible by donating funds to the Scholarship fund. Channel 16 WNEP was there to capture the story of how LAMA Poconos gives back to the community. 

In this picture:  Freddy Reyes, Secretary, LAMA Poconos, John Schaffer, VP, LAMA Poconos, Mrs. Maldonado, Alondra's Mom, Alondra Maldonado, Award Recipient, Angelo Melendez, Treasurer, LAMA Poconos, Michelle Melendez, Chairperson, Scholarship Committee and Moto-Touring Commissioner, Julio Cruz, Business Manager, LAMA Poconos,  Danny Alicea, President, LAMA Poconos and National Secretary of LAMA USA


LAMA Poconos 2015 Scholarship Recipient

 ​In the picture the LAMA Poconos 2015 Scholarship presentation at Texas Roadhouse in Stroudsburg.  The restaurant sponsored the event by providing a dinner buffet.  In the center of photos is the Scholarship Award Recipient Mr. Cole J. Secor, graduate of Stroudsburg High School, his parents, LAMA Poconos President Danny Alicea, Scholarship Chairman Jay Casiano and Scholarship Co-Chair Michelle Melendez. 


LAMA Poconos 2014 Scholarship Recipient

 Ms. Briana Ragonese,  graduate of East Stroudsburg  High School was awarded the $2,000.00 LAMA Jovan X. Caraballo Memorial Scholarship for 2014.

In this picture:  LAMA Poconos  Scholarship Chairman Mr. Jay Casiano, Ms. Briana Ragonese, Scholarship Recipient and from LAMA Poconos  Scholarship Committee Ms. Maureen Casiano


LAMA Poconos 2013 Scholarship Recipient

 Mr. Jack Wathen IV was the awardee of the $2,000.00 Jovan X. Caraballo Memorial Scholarship for 2013.  Mr. Wathen graduated from Pleasant Valley High School.

In the picture, the LAMA Scholarship committee members: LAMA Executive Board Members, Jack in the center surrounded by his family.


LAMA Poconos 2012 Scholarship Recipient

 ​​​Ms. Altiera Wiggins was the awardee of the $2,000.00 Jovan X. Caraballo Memorial Scholarship for 2012.  Ms. Wiggins graduated from Pocono Mountain West High School.